Moving MELT


For any of y'all who've been paying close attention lately, you know about MELT 2.0. You know we've been creating murals, filling up windows, and painting things yellow (along with some other less fun, less pretty jobs) in our new building for six months now. It's been a hard, complicated journey. We've learned more about permits and codes and power tools than we ever knew would be necessary, but none of that stress or frustration has been enough to dim our enthusiasm. We knew it would more than some sweat and a few bruises to make us stop believing in this little shop of ours. In fact, with every hour we put in, it just became more and more apparent how incredible this place was bound to be. 

So with all of that, you can only imagine how much joy we are experiencing RIGHT THIS SECOND about announcing that the day we've been dreaming of and working towards for so long is so, SO close. Sunday at 9 PM, our Rosedale shop served its last customer and made its last cone. Sure, that's a cause for some mourning and nostalgia. Our Rosedale shop has been nothing short of amazing, in all its quirky, fragile smallness, and we've had some epic parties there. But don't dwell on that for too long, because THE BEST IS YET TO COME. We will be closed from the 27th through the 30th. Don't be fooled into thinking the MELT team will be getting any more sleep than usual during those days. On the contrary, our closed doors will hide a joyful scurry of preparation, making sure that every little thing is set up and ready to go in the new building, before, at 12:00 PM on July first (The very first day of National Ice Cream month), we will open up our Magnolia building for its big debut. 

We hope you will all join us promptly as we open, so we can introduce MELT 2.0 to as many smiling faces as we can as quickly as possible. That night we'll be joined by The Photo Wagon  from 6pm-10pm, and on Saturday night our friends at HD Vinyl & HiFi will come hang to spin some sweet tunes from 6pm-10pm. It'll be a celebration that you won't want to miss. Please join us in our newest adventure!! It's a big day, and we can't think of anyone we'd rather share it with than all of our faithful party people.