Birthday Surprises, Part 2


As we said in our last post, our second birthday was celebrated in standard MELT fashion, with cake and joy and all the pretty yellow things. But we wanted to make sure you guys were a part of the party too. MELT is just as much about y'all as it is about us. So we asked if you would be willing to share some of your favorite MELT moments with us, and y'all came through, with heart warming, smile inducing stories of sincerity. Here are a few of our favorites!

From @elenaemcmurry on Instagram:

"Melt served as a very bright spot after our precious son's many visits to the hematology/oncology clinic at Cook Children's last year. We have been coming since you've opened, and he's so happy to be coming again, without a face mask! Blessings on your continued growth and success!"

From Amy Stafford Georgopoulos on Facebook:

 "I absolutely love Melt for a few reasons. I'm allergic to dairy and it is awesome to have such delicious dairy-free/vegan options! Your use of locally sourced ingredients makes me happy. And every single employee of Melt on every visit has always been friendly and greeted me and my loved ones with a smile. Here's to many MANY more years of success for Melt!"

From Carly Jackson on Facebook: 

"My fiancé made a scavenger hunt for our engagement and one of our stops was Melt! We then went back after we'd gotten engaged. Such a special night!! We love Melt!!"

From @thewillwright on Instagram:

"My grandma moved here from OKC because it was time for her to be near her kids and grandkids. She left, however, her best friend and recently widowed sister in law. When here sis in law came to visit they didn't want the night to end after dinner so I took them to MELT and on an old homes tour of Fort Worth. They both sat in the backseat and giggled like little school girls the whole time. Thanks for being a part of our family time."

From Alex Branch on Facebook:

 "I can get my preschooler to do anything if I promise Melt afterward."

From Melissa Jackson on Facebook:

"My boyfriend found Melt and took me there for Valentine's Day 2015. You let me have ice cream again after I had to give up dairy. Even if your vegan flavors get weird at times, I can eat them, and I am so grateful for that."

All these stories, among so many more, motivate every day of work we do. By making us a part of everyday life, holiday celebrations, and family memories, you fill up every cone with love and reinforce our belief that this shop is special. We could never thank you enough for that! Let's create more stories together this year!