Baby Goat Adventures

Every time we get to partner with a local business, it's one of our favorite things. We get the best and freshest ingredients for our flavors, and we also get to make new friends and watch them succeed. It's always pretty inspiring and fun, but when it features adorable baby farm animals...stuff gets even better. 

Latte Da Dairy is a local goat dairy farm in Flower Mound, which sells fresh cheese from award winning Nubian and Lamancha goats. Latte Da was founded in 2005 by Anne Jones, a strong girl boss and trained veterinarian with a passion for producing the best cheese and the happiest goats possible. Goat farming is not an easy job. It has no days off, and often requires nights as well, with mama goats going into labor and needing help in the early hours of the morning. But Anne's passion and hard work has paid off, with her herd winning numerous awards and selling cheese all over the metroplex and beyond. 


Immense care is given to the emotional well being and quality of life of Latte Da Goats. Anne believes that absolutely has an effect on the both the quantity and quality of cheese they provide.  Goats are fed and milked twice a day, and kids are fed milk from herd does who have recently given birth, so they are sure to have all the nutrients they need as babies. Rescued dogs serve as the herd's guardians, keeping away any coyotes or hawks who might prey on the goats.  

Latte Da sells cheese at all of the DFW Central Markets, as well as three local farmer's markets, and one artisan cheese shop in Houston. Fine local restaurants such as Cafe Modern and The Oceanaire use their cheese regularly, and all for good reason. No more than four days after milk is harvested from the goats, soft cheese made from that milk is already on its way to retailers. 


MELT is super excited to be using cheese from Latte Da in our Got Your Goat ice cream! This flavor, dreamed up by our amazing chef Catie, and made possible by Anne and the goats at Latte Da Dairy, consists of a house made strawberry jam, paired with the best goat cheese money can buy! We are so happy to have the opportunity to bring fresh and local ingredients right to you, in the form of delicious and creative ice creams. Got Your Goat is being sold by the scoop and by the pint in our shop right now, be sure to try this goodness and let us know what you think!!