St. Patrick's Day Ice Cream

There's a lot going on in the world at the moment. We've got a presidential election, North Texas tornadoes, Fort Worth's best ice cream shop is getting ready to move...we could all use a little bit of the Luck of the Irish right now to make sure it all stays on track. Thankfully, MELT is here to help.

Lucky Brew is our newest flavor, and it is here to stay throughout St. Patrick's Day. We started by making a Irish whiskey cream base, and then swirled in some dark chocolate ganache. But something was still missing. So we called up our friends at The Collective Brewing Project, and they threw in some of their End of the Weak stout (described on their menu as an "Imperial Dark Chocolate Milk Stout, Dark Roasted with notes of Chocolate, Vanilla and a small amount of Cinnamon"). We stirred that into our ganache, and then it was done. We had created the perfect St. Patrick's Day ice cream. It's surprising and rich with just a hint of whimsy, and we are pretty sure that nothing will get you in the St. Paddy's Day spirit quite like this. If you try it over the next few weeks, please let us know how much you loved it!!