Always Flavors

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Chocolate Chocolate

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Salt Lick

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Cup of Texas

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Velvet Vegan

Sometimes Flavors

Boozy Buccaneer

Fresh pineapple ice cream with swirls of spiced rum caramel.


House made lemon buttermilk bars crumbled into tart, lemon-buttermilk ice cream with a swirl of raspberry sauce.

Watermelon Mint

A refreshing watermelon and mint sorbet topped with a sprinkle of black lava salt. (vegan)

Turkish Delight

Coconut milk and pistachio ice cream, perfected with a subtle hint of rosewater. (vegan)


Seasonal Sundae

Choice of 3 ice cream scoops, whipped cream, macadamia nut brittle,
spicy pineapple sauce, and passionfruit caramel. 


Seasonal Cone Pairing

House made chocolate cookie cone

Taco Tuesday

2 ice cream scoops topped with vanilla whipped cream, house made salted caramel sauce and chocolate sauce

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