About Our Happy Cart

150 Scoop Minimum

Want to party a little bigger? We gotcha covered!

The Melt Happy Cart is perfect for weddings and corporate events, and includes a happy scooper on-site for up to 2 hours. Order any of our available flavors in increments of 50, with a minimum order of 150 scoops.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to book The Joyride or Happy Cart?

We recommend three to six months but please reach out to our catering and events team for requests at any time; we’ll do our very best to accomodate you. Our catering and events team can be reached at party@melticecreams.com

Do we provide spoons/napkins?

You betcha!

How many flavors can we get?

Party bags have no limit to the amount of flavors you can choose; we’ll just need to know how many scoops of each flavor you’d like. For the happy cart/cooler, please order in increments of 50 scoops per flavor.

Price per serving?

Party Bags and Happy Cooler pick up’s are $3.75 per scoop; Happy Cart and Joy Ride scoops are $4.00 per scoop.

What happens with leftover scoops?

What leftovers? Just kidding! Sometimes you order more than you can eat; if there are additional scoops at the end of your event we recommend putting them in a freezer and eating them all while watching reruns of Arrested Development. If you don’t want to do that, we are happy to donate them on your behalf to our local charity partners.

How many flavors can we choose from?

We recommend not overwhelming your guests with too many options, for the cart and coolers we require quantities of 50 per flavor. The Joy Ride traditionally scoops up to six flavors.

Do I need dry ice?

If you are booking our Happy Cooler, we recommend dry ice if your scoops need to stay frozen for a long period of time or will not be consumed immediately. You have a short window before the scoops MELT depending on how cold/hot it is outdoors. 

We do not produce or keep dry ice in our facility so you will responsible for purchasing it off site. The Joyride and Happy Carts do not require dry ice. Party Bags are meant to be quickly transported and immediately enjoyed so dry ice is not recommended.

How big is the Happy Cart?

30.5” wide 41.5” long 40” tall

Ready to book our Happy Cart?
Send an email to our party person or fill out the form to request a Joy Ride appearance at your event!