Cookouts and Serve Days


One of the best things about the MELT team is their genuine love of hanging out with each other. No matter whether it's just another busy Saturday night in the shop, a post-closing time dance party, or an outside of MELT celebration, these guys and gals know how to have a good time together. And that was incredibly evident earlier this week, when we had our quarterly staff party and serve day. 

We started at the NET (our non-profit partner for the year), and spent some time helping in any way we could! We sorted donations, hoisted trash bags, and organized rooms with all our might. Watching our team cheerfully give back to the community together may be our very favorite thing to do, so needless to say, it was an amazing time. 

After the last shirt had been folded and the last hanger hung, we headed over to a local park for a good old fashioned cookout, complete with frisbees and Pellegrino and all the laughter we could manage. 


There's something about the late nights and sweet work that comes with staffing an ice cream shop that turns people who could just be coworkers into genuine friends. Friends that go on runs together (like Mary and Hedy), go to prom together (like Abby and Marissa), and definitely, totally, eat hot dogs and paletas in a park together under the Fort Worth sun. We'll party with these guys anytime, anywhere. It's the MELT fam way.