Conscious Mother's Day Gifting


MELT is a big fan of making choices that support causes which are bigger than ourselves. It's why we sell products in our shop from companies like The Sparrow Society, and partner with non-profits such as The Birthday Party Project. It's why we source ingredients from local small businesses. We have this belief that each one of us can make a difference, through conscious choices and purchases, and we love to not only live this out ourselves, but empower others to do the same

Mother's Day is coming up, and we are here to help any stuck shoppers with a list of six of our favorite gifting brands. As a bonus, all of these are brands that are working hard to create a better world and using their skills to love on others. 

(All pictures belong to respective businesses)

Tribe Alive



You've probably heard us talk about these guys before. We're a little obsessed. Tribe Alive seeks to "build sustainable partnerships with marginalized groups in developing countries by connecting them to the global marketplace". Translation: they make gorgeous clothes, accessories, and bags by giving jobs to the people who need them most. Tribe Alive partners with artisans in impoverished countries, providing full time jobs for them, and beautiful fashion for us! Extra points given for being Fort Worth based. Extra points given for being girl-boss owned and operated. Extra points given for having created a line just for MELT

(P.S.) Use the code FORMOTHERS on their website to get 30% off your purchase! You know you want to.

Pura Vida


Pura Vida employs over one hundred artisans in Costa Rica to create their vibrant, unique bracelets. Each one is handmade, waterproof, and of the highest quality. But they don't stop there. They also have an extensive line of bracelets that are dedicated towards various non-profits and causes, with their sales going to support almost 200 different charities. Over the years, they have been able to donate more than $877,000 to some awesome organizations. They are also a member of 1% For The Planet, meaning that they donate 1% of their net revenue to environmental causes. Pretty cool stuff!

Thistle Farms


Thistle Farms is SO much more than just a business. They provide housing, employment, medical care, therapy, and more to women survivors of trafficking and addiction. They also work hard to create resources and workshops that educate people about the reality of trafficking in America. All of this is funded by their social enterprises, which include a bath and body company, a cafe, and a global market, all united under the motto "Love Heals". Their bath and body company sells products made from natural ingredients, and made by members of their program. Get some yummy smelling body butters and bath salts, and know that they're helping people put their life back on track and get the help they need. SO GREAT, RIGHT?!?

Doma Coffee


Doma is centered around creating coffee that is good for the environment, good for the people drinking it, and good for the people making it. Everything they do is focused on sustainability. They create personal, long term relationships with coffee growers, buying their coffee straight from the people who've farmed it and making sure they are compensated fairly for it. They also employ environmental practices in every aspect of their business, maintaining a low carbon footprint and using 100% recyclable paper. Locally, they invest deeply in their community, partnering with many local programs to make sure they are creating better lives not only for people across the world, but right around them as well. 



Environmentally conscious, American made workout clothes, for the mom who is also a fitness junkie. Teeki's products are made using recycled waste such as plastic water bottles, which conserves gasoline and makes use of trash that would otherwise take centuries to biodegrade. They also have a sister non-profit called Save The Mermaids, which is centered on education and activism about ocean preservation.  



We might be a little biased, but honestly, the products in our online store are sort of amazing. Each of these beauties supports a charitable organization or local business, such as Tribe Alive, Trust Printshop, or The Sparrow Society! These tote bags, t-shirts, gift cards (and more) would make gorgeous gifts. 

We love all of these brands for their principles and their products, but know that there are also SO many other businesses rocking it with socially conscious practices. What are your favorites??