The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine's Day. It's exciting, it's intimidating, it's warm and fuzzy, it's depressing...there's kind of a lot going on emotionally here. But whatever your feelings concerning this holiday may be, we can all agree on one adjective for it: Valentine's Day is sweet. There is a blessed abundance of treats and candies around for you to share with someone special, or to eat entirely yourself, in a celebration of your independence and strength. And we all know no one does sweet quite like MELT. But if anyone can top our sugary sweet game, it's definitely our good friends over at Stir Crazy Bakery. So, for the second year in a row, the two kitchens are teaming up to make this holiday one to remember. No matter if you are celebrating a soulmate, a friendship, or just your own awesomeness this Valentine's day, we'd like to help. If you are lost on what to gift to an ice cream lovin' loved one this year, look no further. 

The MELT-&-Stir-Crazy-Unbelievably-Awesome-Valentine's-Day-Collaboration (unofficial title) includes of two of Stir Crazy's legendary brownies, a 4oz jar of either MELT's house made chocolate stout sauce or our house made salted caramel sauce, and a pint of any of our February flavors!! To make it even easier for you to get this delicious package deal, this year we are taking all orders through our online store. Your receipt may try to tell you we'll be shipping this, but don't be fooled, because we need you to come in to the shop to choose your desired pint flavor and pick up the order! You can do this on either the 13th or the 14th. This is SO perfect for any date or Galentine's celebration, and no matter how you enjoy it or who you enjoy it with, it is guaranteed to make your Valentine's Day sweeter than ever before. 

The deadline for orders is next Wednesday, the 10th, so get your order in HERE and ensure a happy, heart-filled holiday!!