Cold Weather Friends

Some people feel this need to box up and constrain ice cream as strictly a summer dessert. Which we get. Hot weather and cold scoops are sort of an amazing combination. But we would like to propose that there is no "bad ice cream weather". Winter's celebrations and comfy fireplace days can make a pretty fantastic backdrop for a MELT pint or two, and many of the comfort foods this season requires can be improved with a scoop of ice cream. In that spirit, over the next couple months, we will be letting y'all in on some of our favorite pairings and recipes for winter food and drink that call for the world's best dessert. Kicking it off, we've got a recipe for possibly the easiest way there is to turn your much needed caffeine dosage into an elegant, Italian dish. 


Affogatos are a traditional Italian dessert which are served in restaurants all over the country. Consisting of a scoop of ice cream topped with a shot of espresso, they're the perfect mix of hot and cold, cozy and refreshing, the most delicious "best of both worlds" there is. To make one at home, without the blessed privilege of an espresso machine, just brew an extra strong 1/4 cup of coffee, and you'll get the general idea. For the classic affogato, go for Beans, and for a festive twist, we recommend Merry Marshmallow or Santa's Helper. As a personal favorite, top it with cinnamon to take it to the next level.

So there you have it. Reason Number One why you shouldn't give up on ice cream just because it's a bit chillier outside. Come grab a pint today to make your own affogatos (and if you've been eyeing that gorgeous spoon all through the post, make sure to grab it out of our Tribe Alive line while you're here.)