Check In With the Team: New Year Edition

As the year comes to a close, we've all been taking some time for reflection and planning. We asked some of our team members to share the things they learned from 2015, and the things they're hoping for 2016. Now, we get to share their answers with you (with the help of a few golden photos from our scavenger hunt Christmas party)!

Jayne (Photographer, Scooper)


"My biggest resolution will be to enjoy life more. The good and the bad. Mainly the bad, because I feel like it's not that hard to enjoy the good parts of life, but next year I'm going to strive to find light in the hard times as well. Next year, I'm also going to pursue film photography. That's something that's always interested me and what better year to start than 2016?!? YOU COULD SAY I'M PRETTY PUMPED FOR THE NEW YEAR."

Gabi (Scooper)


"My New Year Resolution is to try two new activities so I can get back in shape!"

Heather (Shift Lead)


"This year, I want to eat more ramen (it's good for the soul), shop more thrift stores, and support more small businesses (they tend to have cuter, more unique gifts).  This year, I finally learned how to wrap presents!"

Esme (Shift Lead/Kitchen Team)

"2015 was a great year for adventure. I traveled so much and was able to do so many things that I had never done before. Along with the good times, there were some not so good times, which just reminded me of how strong I can be! In 2016, I plan on focusing more on my health and well being. I also plan on continuing my career in cosmetology and business. I expect many more travels and adventures!"

Frankie (Communications Director)


"This year taught me SO many lessons about perseverance, friendship, and balance. I feel like I'm a stronger person than I was twelve months ago, which I'm super thankful for. As for resolutions, I've always had this idea that my life would probably be fixed in every way if I was a morning person. It's topped my resolution list for a few years now, but still hasn't quite happened. But, you know, if at first you don't succeed, download another alarm clock app and try again!"

Catie (Chef)


"I learned how to make ice cream this year, so that is pretty cool!"

Kari & Mark (Co-Owners)


In 2015 we did a lot, it was quite the whirlwind. I took an intensive business class, we opened a pop-up shop, launched a new business, and made some big life changes; but the best part was pushing our boundaries and limits, making people smile, and cultivating our team.  We are so excited for 2016!"

Abbie (Scooper)


"My New Years Resolution is to broaden my music horizons! I want to go to more concerts and support newer musicians this year."

MELT is pretty lucky to have been filled with incredible people like these guys this year, and just as lucky that all of you chose to come hang out with us! We are looking forward to spending even more time with you guys in the new year.